Posted on March 24, 2011

Blog: SmartMeters™ Are Integral Piece of Smart Grid Pie

A fully realized smart grid will save both money and energy, argues Lauren Navarro, an attorney and blogger for the Environmental Defense Fund. Right now, the grid loses about 10 percent of generated electricity, costing consumer $25 billion a year.

She writes: “Deploying an effective smart grid throughout the country is a national priority supported by multiple stakeholders: from companies like GE, Cisco and Google, who see it as key to the future of their businesses, America’s global competitiveness, and job growth, to Chambers of Commerce, who see the huge economic development and security benefits in making more energy at home and keeping energy dollars at home, to consumer groups like the Citizens Utility Board, our partner in Illinois, who see it as the only way to keep electric bills from climbing steeply in the years to come.”

And SmartMeters™ are the stepping stone to the benefits of the smart grid. Ultimately, she writes, the smart grid “will improve our quality of life, grow our economy and drive the clean energy revolution we need.”

PG&E offers its own take on the benefits of the smart grid to its customers here.

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