Posted on March 28, 2011

Blog: Keep Your SmartMeter™ Smart

The Environmental Defense Fund’s Lauren Navarro encourages her readers (and PG&E customers) to keep their SmartMeters™ smart.

She writes: “We support PG&E giving customers a choice to turn off the wireless chips in their SmartMeters™, but encourage consumers to keep them turned on. Keeping the wireless chip on will maximize the environmental, public health and economic benefits of the smart grid – cleaner air, lower energy prices, and accelerating our much-needed transition to a clean-energy economy.”

She details some of the benefits of the smart grid, and writes that “turning the radio off will also prevent customers from seeing and taking full advantage of real-time usage and pricing information, which can bring cost savings and cleaner air.”

Navarro is an attorney with the EDF’s Climate & Air Program. In a previous posting, Currents noted that she had written how SmartMeter™ devices were an integral piece of the smart grid.

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