Posted on April 14, 2011

PG&E Helping Customers with SmartMeter™ Interference Issues

PG&E is offering information and assistance to customers with concerns about potential radio interference between their electric SmartMeters™ and other wireless electronic appliances in their homes and businesses.

SmartMeters™ operate in the 900 megahertz (MHz) frequency band, which includes all frequencies between 902 and 928 MHz, assigned by the Federal Communications Commission. Appliances such as wireless headphones, garage-door openers, baby monitors, and ceiling fans operating in the 900 MHz band might occasionally experience interference.

Nearby appliances operating at frequencies above or below the 900 MHz band should not experience any interference. Also, gas SmartMeters™ operate in a different band — the 450-470 MHz band – and cannot cause interference with 900 MHz appliances.

PG&E’s website provides extensive information on the utility’s SmartMeter™ program, including facts and frequently asked questions on radio frequency and interference.

PG&E also is offering to assist customers with an exchange or replacement of an electronic appliance that might experience interference in the 900 MHz frequency band in a home or business equipped with a SmartMeter™.

If you are a PG&E customer and you believe that there is interference between your SmartMeter™ and another wireless device, please contact PG&E at 1-866-743-0263.

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