Posted on April 18, 2011

Placer County: PG&E Volunteers, CHP Helicopter Remove Trash from American River Canyon

In Auburn, 60 PG&E volunteers worked alongside 30 volunteers from the California State Parks Foundation to collect debris from a scenic and rugged canyon on the North Fork of the American River.

Earth Day 2011 Auburn State Park

A CHP helicopter helps remove trash from the American River Canyon. The photo was taken from the Foresthill Bridge, California's tallest bridge. Photo courtesy of Gary Hughes — Canyon Keepers

This effort at the Auburn State Recreation Area was part of the celebration of Earth Day as volunteers worked at dozens of state parks on Saturday, April 16.

The volunteers were welcomed by Ezra Garrett, PG&E’s director of community relations.

Late-season rains have cut down on recreational visitors and trash, but volunteers still collected plenty of debris for a CHP helicopter to haul out with a cargo net on a long line.

Volunteers also removed several mattresses, old appliances, and even a snowmobile. The Foresthill Bridge that spans the canyon is 730 feet high and is California’s tallest bridge. Unfortunately, it is also a common dumping point for unwanted items.

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