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Posted on April 19, 2011

Sonoma County: A Day at the Beach Means Good Clean Fun

More than 80 volunteers, including many from PG&E, went to Sonoma Coast State Park on Saturday, April 16, to participate in cleanup activities to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day 2011 Sonoma County

Volunteers used all sorts of watercraft to remove trash from the Russian River.

Heavy winter rains meant that large amounts of garbage had washed up on North Jenner Beach and the Russian River Estuary.

The volunteers cleaned more than 75 percent of North Jenner Beach to Fish Head Beach, and it required several types of watercraft.

Besides picking up the trash on the beach, the volunteers did it from kayaks and canoes on the river. Then, the debris was transferred by jet skis, canoes and boats to awaiting volunteers who off-loaded it, sorted it and placed it in dumpsters.

At the end of the day, 33 bags of garbage, 25 bags of recyclables, 13 tires and rims and 15 large pieces of Styrofoam has been collected. But the volunteers didn’t stop there. They also gather up one car engine, a 20-gallon water tank, a 60-pound acetylene tank, an air compressor, four large PVC drainage pipes, three doors and one rowboat.

Susie Martinez



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