Posted on July 27, 2011

San Luis Obispo: PG&E Demonstrates 2D Seismic Testing at Open House

By Tracy Correa

Seismic testing truck

Survey trucks demonstrated what two-dimension seismic testing would look and sound like. (Photos by Tracy Correa.)

SAN LUIS OBISPO — PG&E provided live demonstrations Wednesday (July 27) of how ground-vibrating trucks will conduct advanced seismic tests later this year to gain a better understanding of earthquake faults near the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

After an afternoon briefing at the PG&E Education Center here, about 50 people who wanted to learn more about the on-shore portion of planned testing donned earplugs and went into the parking lot. They watched as a caravan of four survey trucks emitted vibrations into the ground.

As part of its commitment to seismic safety, PG&E is conducting two-dimensional onshore seismic imaging to analyze the fault zones near the nuclear power plant and the greater San Luis Obispo area.

People watching seismic truck testing

About 50 people gathered in San Luis Obispo to see the seismic demonstration.

Last week, PG&E presented plans for off-shore, three-dimensional seismic studies off the San Luis Obispo County coast.

For a complete report on Wednesday’s demonstration, read Currents on Thursday.

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