Posted on August 22, 2011

Humboldt County: Visitors Tour New PG&E Power Plant

Dozens of visitors lined up Saturday (Aug. 20) to visit the new PG&E Humboldt Bay Generating Station, the first plant of its kind and size to be built in California.

Humboldt County generating plant

PG&E's new electricity-generating plant produces enough power for about 120,000 homes.

The new electricity-generating plant houses 10 engines and runs on natural gas but has a diesel fuel reserve.

Visitors toured the plant and had lunch at the plant during the first public event there since operations began last fall.

“It’s fun for the kids to see the changes that have been made and see how electricity works in town,” said Eureka resident Ronda Stemach, who brought her sons and their friends to the open house.

The 163-megawatt plant replaces the former PG&E power plant system, which ran on fossil fuels and nuclear power, and is being decommissioned. The plant is 33 percent more efficient than the former fossil plant, and releases 83 percent fewer ozone precursors and 33 percent fewer C02 emissions.

Read the full story from the Eureka Times-Standard.

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