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Posted on March 12, 2012

Settlement with San Bruno Continues PG&E’s Pledge to Help City Rebuild, Heal

PG&E and the City of San Bruno today (March 12) announced an agreement under which PG&E will provide $70 million to support the city and the community’s efforts to recover after the Sept. 9, 2010, PG&E pipeline tragedy.

PG&E President Chris Johns said the settlement is an “important milestone” as the company works to help the City of San Bruno and the victims of the accident.

“The community of San Bruno has suffered through a terrible tragedy and we understand that this accident will affect this community forever,” said Johns. “We committed the night of the tragedy and continue to commit that we will help the victims and the community heal and rebuild.”

(See a video interview of Chris John discussing specifics of the agreement, how PG&E continues to work with victims of the tragic 2010 natural gas accident and how the company is working to make its gas operations the safest in the nation.)

Johns added, “Today’s announcement is another step in that process. It is one that we hope will provide the community with the assurance that the resources will be there to rebuild the infrastructure that was damaged and provide for improvements where the community sees fit.”

San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane said, “This money will be used for the benefit of all the citizens of our city and to help us, as a community, get beyond the tragedy.”

The money will enable San Bruno to establish a not-for-profit public purpose entity to manage the funds and determine how they should be spent for the benefit of the community.

The utility will not seek to recover the contribution through insurance or customer rates.

This agreement is in addition to PG&E’s commitment to fund replacement and repair of the city’s infrastructure and other costs related to the accident and restore the neighborhood.

PG&E also continues to provide assistance directly to those who lost loved ones and homes as a result of the accident. As PG&E has since the night of the accident, the company is committed to meeting the needs of these families and individuals.

“We will continue to work with the victims and the community as a whole to address their needs,” Johns said.

Since the accident, PG&E has made substantial efforts to improve the operations and the safety of its gas system.

“All 20,000 PG&E employees are working hard to make sure we have the safest gas and electric system in the United States,” Johns said. “The greatest way we can honor the victims of the San Bruno accident is by making PG&E’s gas operations the safest in the country and doing whatever is necessary to see that a tragedy like this never happens again,” Johns said.

“That’s exactly what we intend to do.”

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