Posted on January 28, 2013

Oakland: PG&E Pledges to Find a Home for the Gnomes

An anonymous artist has been brightening the streets of Oakland with small, whimsical paintings of gnomes. Over the weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the gnome art and about how people have been reacting to it. (“Painted gnomes bring smiles in Oakland.”)

Small paintings of gnomes have been bringing smiles to Oakland residents. (Photo by Pam Cook.)

As the newspaper story noted, some of the gnomes have been attached to PG&E’s power poles. That could become a safety issue and also sets a bad precedent as the poles can’t become a place for “Roommate Wanted” or “Lost Dog” flyers.

But that doesn’t mean that PG&E is anti-gnome.

Indeed, some of us like the little creatures.

That’s why PG&E’s social-media channels, including Facebook and Twitter) have launched a Find a Home for a Gnome campaign.

And, after the Chronicle published its story, the gnome artist reached out to PG&E and the company is working with him to come up with a solution.

“I’m a resident of Oakland who simply thought this would be a nice way to make my fellow Oaklanders happy about and proud of their hometown,” he wrote in an email to PG&E.

How do we know he’s the artist? He also included a photo of dozens of his creations arranged on a table.

The utility isn’t sending crews to remove the gnomes – which are painted on small wooden boards and screwed into wooden power poles – but it will work with the artist to find a more suitable home for the gnomes.

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