Posted on March 28, 2013

Sacramento: Hundreds of Local Youth Will Benefit from PG&E Summer Jobs Program

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson told the participants in the PG&E Summer Jobs Program to work hard and be on time.

SACRAMENTO – With Mayor Kevin Johnson and dozens of teenagers present, PG&E launched its 2013 Summer Jobs Program today (March 28) at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento.

Working with the Boys & Girls Clubs and local businesses, PG&E pledged $200,000 for the program that will provide valuable workforce training for 200 underserved youth in Sacramento and summer jobs for 56 teenagers.

PG&E made similar announcements earlier this week in Fresno and Bakersfield. At today’s event in Sacramento, the room was packed with public officials, representatives from the local business community and more than 50 young people.

Maureen Price, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento, thanked PG&E its partnership and acknowledged the young people who attended the event even though they are out of school for spring break.

Ezra Garrett, PG&E’s vice president of community relations, then shared a story about his first job at a fast-food restaurant more than 20 years ago. He asked local businesses to join the program by providing jobs for young people.

Challenged by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, PG&E's Ezra Garrett (center) promised one more job for the program.

Mayor Johnson, a former NBA star, thanked PG&E and talked about the importance of corporations giving back to the local community.

Johnson noted that the pilot version of the Summer Jobs Program took place in Fresno in 2012 where 55 teenagers got jobs. He then asked Garrett to commit to doing one better for Sacramento. Garrett accepted the challenge, promising that 56 Sacramento-area youths will have jobs this summer thanks to the program.

Johnson gave the teenagers three pieces of advice to follow this summer — work hard, be positive and get to work 15 minutes early.

“These teens need to know how to dress for an interview, how to write a resume, and the need for a strong, confident handshake and eye contact,” said Johnson. “Thanks to the partnership between PG&E and the Boys & Girls Club, more teens will have the opportunity to develop those skills.”

The program ended with brief remarks from Kailord Low, who will be participating in the Summer Jobs Program. He is the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Sacramento Youth of the Year.

The Summer Jobs Program will provide more than 200 youth with eight-week “Career Launch” classes where they will learn more about developing plans for their lives and choosing a career. The classes will be based on nationally sponsored Boys & Girls Club programs that offer comprehensive career exploration, financial literacy, and awareness of service-learning in stewardship to the community.

As in Fresno and Bakersfield earlier in the week, the Summer Jobs event drew a large crowd of teens to the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Students that complete the eight-week program will be offered a chance to interview for one of 56 summer jobs at local businesses, with salary and other benefits fully funded by PG&E Along with their pay for the jobs, students will receive stipends to help purchase any clothing needed, as well as bus tokens for transportation.

Also in attendance at the event were Dan Schiele, interim chief of police, Sacramento; Robert Burris, senior vice president of SACTO; Azizza Davis Goines of the Sacramento Black Chamber; and Alice Perez of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber. Many local businesses and non-profits were represented as well.


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