Posted on July 19, 2013

Hinkley: Water Board Approval of Environmental Impact Report an ‘Important Step’

BARSTOW – The Lahontan Water Board approved the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the cleanup of hexavalent chromium in Hinkley on Wednesday (July 17.) PG&E said the action represents an important step in moving toward a final remedial approach for Hinkley.

“The final EIR will set the stage for the final remedy,” said Sheryl Bilbrey, PG&E’s director of chromium remediation. “It will allow us to not just attack certain portions of the plume but to clean up the entirety of the plume.”

The EIR reviewed the potential impacts of the various remediation alternatives discussed in PG&E’s Remediation Feasibility Study, and incorporates public comments received over the last year.

“We recognize that this document represents a very significant undertaking and we appreciate the Water Board’s efforts to release this document and the important review and comments received from the community, Community Advisory Committee, their Independent Review Panel Manager and other interested agencies and stakeholders,” Bilbrey said.

The remedies under consideration build upon the existing treatment systems in use over the last several years currently treating the plume. That include fresh water injections into groundwater, ethanol injections at the center of the plume and agricultural treatment on alfalfa farms. The approval of the Final EIR will let PG&E apply for the other necessary permits to expand these systems for a successful final remedy.

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