Posted on July 22, 2013

Bakersfield: Open House to Answer Questions about Hydrostatic Testing

PG&E will host an open house on Tuesday (July 23) in Bakersfield to talk to residents about upcoming hydrostatic pressure testing.

Customers who live near pressure-test locations have received letters with information about the hydrostatic pressure testing. Experts from PG&E will be on hand to answer questions on the testing. Testing will begin in late July on Clay Patrick Farr Way and Winlock Street, as well as Downing Avenue and Coffee Road.

The test involves excavating around parts of underground pipeline, filling the pipeline with water and increasing the pressure to confirm the pipeline’s safe operating pressure and reveal potential weaknesses. If the pipe doesn’t meet acceptable standards, it will be repaired or replaced with new pipe. In most cases, gas service will continue without interruption during the testing.

As part of its work to improve the safety of its gas system, PG&E has strength-tested or validated prior strength testing for 435 miles of transmission pipeline and plans to strength-test an additional 189 miles in 2013. This video explains how a pipeline pressure test works.

Here is the date and location of the open house:

  • Tuesday, July 23, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Endeavor Elementary School (9300 Meacham Road) in Bakersfield

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