Posted on August 6, 2013

Bakersfield: PG&E President Chris Johns Visits Kern Power Plant Site, Shares Concerns for Those Injured in Demolition

By Tracy Correa

BAKERSFIELD – PG&E President Chris Johns attended a Bakersfield event on Tuesday (Aug. 6) where he offered his heart-felt condolences for those injured during Saturday’s demolition at the former Kern Power Plant and promised to find out what led to the accident.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured in this accident,” said Johns, mentioning the person who was most seriously injured. “I really wish for them to have a full recovery.”

At an event in Bakersfield today, PG&E President Chris Johns said the company's thoughts and prayers were with those injured in the Kern Power Plant accident on Saturday. (Photo by Tracy Correa.)

Johns made his remarks at the Boys & Girls Club in Bakersfield where students who just completed PG&E’s Summer Jobs Program were being honored. While today is “about bright hopes for the future,” Johns said he wanted to acknowledge what took place over the weekend.

PG&E is working with all investigating agencies and the third-party contractors who managed the demolition to learn what led to the accident, Johns said.

He also said that PG&E was committed to safety and the safety of the community and would work to find answers.

Johns – whose visit to participate in the late-afternoon summer jobs graduation ceremony was planned weeks ago – took the opportunity to reach out to the community during his visit.

Earlier in the day, Johns visited the former Kern Power Plant site where he learned more about the investigation. He then went to City Hall to meet with key leaders, including Bakersfield City Manager Alan Tandy, Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Williamson and Deputy Fire Chief Ross Kelly. He also met with the editorial board of The Bakersfield Californian.

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