Posted on October 8, 2013

VIDEO: Nick Stavropoulos Talks About Hydro Testing, PG&E’s Safety Culture and Pipeline Safety Progress

PG&E has been steadily improving the safety of its gas system over the past few years. Those improvements have touched upon every facet of PG&E’s gas system. A focus on modernizing its gas records – digitizing nearly 4 million paper records – is one of many enhancements the company has made on its way to maintaining the safest and most reliable gas system in the nation. So is an unprecedented amount of hydrostatic testing, where water is pressurized to confirm the integrity of pipelines.

PG&E's new gas control center examplifies the progress being made by the company.

In this Currents video interview, PG&E’s Nick Stavropoulos talks about those improvements and how the company has developed a culture based on safety and open communication where problems are identified and resolved. “Great companies, when it comes to safety, have this open culture where people are willing to discuss problems and that’s what we’re trying to embed here at PG&E, a great safety culture,” said Stavropoulos, the company’s executive vice president of gas operations.

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