Posted on November 19, 2013

Monterey County: PG&E Volunteers Join Others in Helping Restore Fort Ord National Monument

MONTEREY COUNTY – In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of National Public Lands Day, PG&E partnered with the Conservation Lands Foundation, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and FORT Friends on a volunteer restoration project at Fort Ord National Monument on Saturday (Nov. 16).

PG&E volunteer Felix Gomez de Fox and her husband Ciaran Fox gathered brush cleared from the Creekside Trail at the volunteer event..

Altogether, 175 volunteers, including veterans, joined forces to plant trees, paint recreation facilities, remove invasive weeds and improve access to public trails within designated areas of Fort Ord Monument’s 7,200 acres of land.

The event also celebrated Make A Difference Day.

“Ensuring that our National Conservation Lands are protected and restored is something that works best when the entire community comes together,” said Sam Goldman, California program director of the Conservation Lands Foundation. “At Fort Ord National Monument this past weekend, PG&E employees brought enthusiasm, hard work and dedication in this new and exciting collaboration.”

Felix Gomez de Fox, a PG&E volunteer and a member of PG&E’s Veterans Employee Resource Group, said that the event resonated with her as she constantly looks for opportunities to engage with and support volunteer efforts that include veterans.

“This project supports our commitment to environmental stewardship and volunteerism,” said Andrea Gooden, a manager in PG&E’s Environmental Remediation Department. “The timing of the event, coming the weekend after Veteran’s Day, also was a great way to show support to veterans who were invited to participate in this day of service.”

Following their day of work, volunteers and sponsors were recognized by Eric Morgan, Fort Ord National Monument manager.

Henrietta Stern, president of FORT Friends, (holding sign) and Eric Morgan, BLM's Fort Ord Monument manager (far right), joined PG&E volunteers at the event.

In addition to PG&E and Conservation Lands Foundation, Morgan thanked the host of supporters who helped make this event a success:  Bicycle Equestrian Trails Assistance team (BETA), Monterey Off-Road Cycling Association (MORCA),  FORT Friends, California State University Monterey Bay, Army Base Realignment and Closure Office, and CSU Monterey Bay’s Return of the Natives program.

“We are extremely fortunate to have had such great partners working with on this event,” he said. “The Fort Ord National Monument appreciates the many stewards that joined us to improve the health of this treasured landscape. This was one of our most rewarding events we have had at Fort Ord National Monument.”

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