Posted on December 11, 2013

Bay Point: PG&E Gives Students the Opportunity to Sail the San Francisco Bay

Students got a special chance to hoist the sails on a historic schooner.

BAY POINT – Thirteen students from Gateway Small Necessary High School and five community members enjoyed a special experience recently when they got a chance to sail around the San Francisco Bay in the historic schooner Alma.

Joining the students on the trip were, from left, Rachelle Buckner, Gateway High School principal; Angela Hunter, a Gateway High teacher; Debra Mason and Trina Hudson from the Bay Point Municipal Advisory Committee; John Promani, a PG&E consultant; and Kenneth Cambier, a Gateway High School teacher.

PG&E partnered with the San Francisco Maritime Museum to give the students the opportunity to participate in the Explorers program and learn the basics of navigating a ship, the importance of weather to early explorers and the history of the San Francisco Bay.

“Our students are so excited,” said Rachelle Buckner, principal of Gateway. “Many of these students have never been provided the opportunity to visit San Francisco and most of them have not been on a boat. Thanks for making our students feel special.”

That excitement grew as the students worked to actually hoist the sails and steer the Alma on its voyage through the Bay.

Trina Hudson, a member of the Bay Point Municipal Advisory Committee who attended the field trip, thanked PG&E for the opportunity. “The kids were engaged and happy and willing spirits,” she said.

The captain was nearby as he instructed the students on how to turn the wheel.

PG&E has an ongoing commitment to the community of Bay Point in Contra Costa County as the company’s Environmental Remediation department continues to evaluate and clean up the nearby Shell Pond.

As a part of this commitment, PG&E partners with organizations such as the Maritime Museum because it helps the museum realize its goal of increasing the public’s understanding of the nation’s rich maritime heritage. It also enables PG&E to provide educational opportunities to students who may not otherwise receive them. Students’ participation in this program is made possible through a PG&E charitable contribution.


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