Posted on February 10, 2014

VIDEO: PG&E’s Geisha Williams Talks about the Importance of Safeguarding Electrical Infrastructure


In the 10 months that have passed since gunshots damaged transformers and equipment at the Metcalf Transmission Substation near San Jose, PG&E’s Electric Operations team has partnered closely with federal, state and local agencies and consultants to enhance the security of its substations. Additionally, PG&E has proactively partnered with other utilities and associations throughout the industry to transparently share information and identify new and innovative ways to further protect our critical assets.

This work has included deploying multiple advanced camera systems, increasing the lighting around substations and cutting back the vegetation around substations to eliminate potential hiding places.

PG&E is taking steps "to ensure that the security of our critical infrastructure is protected," says Geisha Williams.

In this Currents video interview, PG&E’s Executive Vice President of Electric Operations Geisha Williams talks about these and other improvements, and how the company is working with federal, state and local officials to ensure the safety of its customers and the critical electric grid assets throughout its system.

“We know how critical electricity is to our customers, and we’re taking steps — here at PG&E and across the country — to ensure that the security of our critical infrastructure is protected so that we can continue to deliver safe and reliable service,” said Williams.

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