Posted on April 18, 2014

Sacramento: PG&E Sponsors U.S. Conference of Mayors Ceremony

SACRAMENTO – On Wednesday (April 16), Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson was formally inducted as the 72nd president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors during a gavel passing ceremony in Sacramento.

PG&E was the lead sponsor of the event and several members from PG&E’s local government relations team that work closely with the mayor and other local elected officials were in attendance to congratulate him on his new position.

At the event were, from left, Nathan Nayman, head of state and local relations, VISA; PG&E Vice President Travis Kiyota; San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee; Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson; USCM Executive Director Tom Cochran; and Doug Palmer, former mayor of Trenton, N.J., and past USCM president.

“I am honored to assume this office right here in Sacramento, the city that I love and work for every single day,” said Johnson. “I owe the people of this great city so much for allowing me to represent them across the nation, as they have always done with such grace.

“There could not be a better time to be at the helm of this organization because cities are back,” said Johnson. “Just a few years ago, in the midst of the economic recession, our metro areas were experiencing declining or flattening growth. Today, cities are pulling this country out of the recession, and Washington is beginning to take notice.”

PG&E engages with the Conference on several issues, including economic development, energy policy and infrastructure. The company is also an active member of the USCM Mayors Business Council, joining in late 2012 to provide ideas and feedback from a utilities perspective.

Next year, the USCM’s annual meeting will be held in San Francisco, providing PG&E with the opportunity to present new ideas and lead policy dialogues with America’s mayors.

“We appreciate our partnership with USCM and look forward to working more closely with Mayor Johnson as the new president,” said Travis Kiyota, PG&E’s vice president of Corporate Affairs. “USCM is a great venue for PG&E to discuss local issues of importance that, in turn, shape the national conversation.”

Many local elected officials were in attendance, including:

  • State Sen. Ted Gaines, State Sen. Holly Mitchell, Assm. Cheryl Brown
  • Mayor Ed Lee (San Francisco)
  • Regional Mayors: Cabaldon (West Sacramento), Davis (Elk Grove), Howell (Folsom), Powers (Auburn), Aguiar-Curry (Winters), Dahlmeier (Oroville)
  • Sacramento City Council, City Manager John Shirey and city staff

The Conference of Mayors’ Metro Economies reports show that 90 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product and wage income are generated in cities and their metro areas. More than 86 percent of all jobs are located in cities and 94 percent of all future economic growth will occur within them. Thirty-seven of the world’s largest 100 economies are U.S. cities, with New York the 13th largest economy in the world, Los Angeles the 20th largest and Chicago 23rd.

Participating at the event from PG&E were Wendy Sarsfield, a Corporate Affairs manager, Alisa Okelo-Odongo, a Local Government Relations manager, and Richard Dye, a senior Government Relations representative.

Johnson will preside over his first official meeting in June in Dallas at the 82nd annual meeting of the USCM. He said that his presidency will focus on improving education outcomes in the nation’s public schools, building cities’ resilience to economic and natural disasters and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure through stronger federal-local and public-private partnerships.

Mayor Johnson also announced that he will host a U.S. Conference of Mayors Leadership Meeting in Sacramento in September bringing over 50 mayors to his city.

“America’s cities and metro areas are driving economic growth, and it is through the leadership of America’s mayors,” said Johnson. “As the president of the largest organization serving mayors in this country, I will have the honor of uniting mayors across the country with a bipartisan, pro-growth agenda.”

“There is magic when cities come together,” said Johnson. “This is our time to come together to deliver results – for cities across the country and for Sacramento. I look forward to working with everyone.”

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