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Posted on August 20, 2014

Safety before Lunch: Concord Employees Protect Public from Live Wire

By Tony Khing

PG&E human resources employees Maggie Harvey, left, and Diane Crawford interrupted their lunch for a good cause — to protect the public.

Imagine going out for lunch, sitting down, and before taking a bite, you hear a loud noise outside.

You look out the window and see that a large truck had hit a utility pole. As a result, a transformer crashed to the ground, causing fluid leakage. And a live electrical wire became dislodged and is dangling at the side of the pole.

What would you do?

The choice was simple for employees Maggie Harvey and Diane Crawford, who were recently in that situation near their PG&E office in Concord. Crawford’s reaction: “We work for PG&E. We need to do something.”

Crawford called the PG&E emergency line (1-800-743-5000), the proper way to report the accident. A bystander called police. Until the repair crews arrived, Harvey stood by the hazard and asked people to walk around and away from the damage.  Two bystanders stood in a nearby intersection and directed traffic away from the situation.

In Concord, a large transformer fell after a large truck hit a utility pole.

“I was impressed by the individuals who took it upon themselves to help out,” said Harvey, who along with Crawford, helps employees who are disabled or on leave return to work.

When police came, Crawford explained to the officer what PG&E had told her to do —  keep people away from the liquid and damage — and pointed to the hanging wire. When the crews arrived, Crawford informed them some broken transformer parts landed in the restaurant’s parking lot.

“We both felt a sense of pride and that we’d done as much as we could,” Harvey said.

“I was very relieved nobody was hurt,” Crawford said. “I was so proud of Maggie and myself for trying to do the right thing. It was a really good feeling.”

Learn more about PG&E’s dedication to safety:

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