Video: PG&E’s Tony Earley Advocates for Carbon Pricing on Global Stage


PG&E Chairman and CEO Tony Earley is featured in a video posted today (Sept. 17) to the blog of the World Bank, advocating for carbon pricing in helping the world control climate change. His message also will be shared next week at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York.

PG&E supports California’s carbon pricing system, known as cap-and-trade, which was put in motion by Assembly Bill 32 in 2006, the landmark Global Warming Solutions Act.

“California and other like-minded jurisdictions are proving that cap-and-trade systems can work to reduce carbon emissions efficiently and cost effectively,” Earley said in the video.

The World Bank is gathering pledges from governments and corporations to work together toward the long-term goal of carbon pricing throughout the world’s economy. More than 50 governments and 300 companies, including PG&E, have signed a statement of support.

Climate change, according to the World Bank, is a “fundamental threat to sustainable development and the fight against poverty,” the two areas the organization is most focused on addressing.

Earley, along with other public and private sector leaders, will also be part of a carbon pricing video to be shown at the U.N. Climate Summit on Sept. 23. More than 120 heads of state are planning to attend the summit, making it the largest such gathering ever to address climate change.

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