Posted on February 3, 2017

Cost of PG&E’s Solar Choice Program Drops Nearly 30 Percent for Residential Customers

By Ari Vanrenen

This time last year, PG&E launched a new clean energy option for its residential and business customers — PG&E’s Solar Choice.

For a modest monthly charge, PG&E customers who are unable to install rooftop solar now have a new way to go 100 percent solar. Whether they rent, live in an apartment or own a home on a shady plot, both residential and business customers can go solar by purchasing their electricity from local, solar-generated energy.

This year, eight new solar sites will be built to provide the solar energy for PG&E's Solar Choice program.

“I’m proud that PG&E offers a program that not only supports the installation of more solar in our state, but makes a big impact for our customers who couldn’t previously be part of California’s clean energy movement,” said Kerynn Gianotti, program outreach manager for PG&E’s Solar Choice.

This year, eight new solar sites will be built to provide the solar energy for PG&E’s Solar Choice program. Construction starts this month for five of the sites by PG&E renewable energy partners.

Bringing more renewable energy to California, the new sites build on the energy company’s commitment to combat climate change.

Also in 2017, the cost to participate in PG&E’s Solar Choice program dropped by nearly 30 percent for residential customers.

For the average Solar Choice household using 350 kilowatt-hours of energy, the price to participate in the program is about $9 per month. Last year, it was just over $12. If your household uses 700 kilowatt-hours, you’ll pay about $18 per month this year rather than the $25 last year.

Businesses saw even more savings with Solar Choice costs dropping by nearly 50 percent for most business customers.

Visit to learn more about Solar Choice and view the rate calculator to determine your monthly charge based on your energy use.

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