Posted on March 1, 2017

VIDEO: PG&E, Boston Properties Partner on West’s Tallest Office Building

By Jennifer Robison

SAN FRANCISCO  Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco is no ordinary building.

So it couldn’t have an ordinary energy profile, either.

PG&E installed seven underground transformers at the Salesforce Tower in December (pictured: Daly City-based cable splicer George Glysson). (Photos by James Green.)

The tower will be the tallest office building west of the Mississippi when it opens this fall. The building’s electric load will be as much as eight megawatts – enough to power 1,000 single-family homes.

In December, PG&E’s construction crews and contractors installed seven underground transformers, each the size of a delivery van. Most large local projects don’t require more than four.

“It takes a team to execute this type of project,” said John Klavdianos, customer service delivery manager. “Even before a customer applies, we like to sit down and talk to them about the project, the timelines and the scope of work, and how we can participate in their planning phase.”

Engineers and estimators in PG&E’s service planning and design division spent nearly five years designing the right system.

At 1,070 feet, Salesforce Tower will be the tallest office building west of the Mississippi when it’s completed this fall.

“Space was a big issue — trying to find space for PG&E’s facilities but not taking up too much of their project,” said Mike Balmy, PG&E service planning supervisor.

Danny Murtagh is director of engineering for Boston Properties, which owns the building. He called his company’s partnership with PG&E “critical.”

“Because of the demand for new services, we really rely heavily on PG&E’s service planning to help get us where we need to be to build the right point of entrance for PG&E bringing in their power and gas to the building.”

The tower will switch to permanent PG&E power this spring.

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