Posted on March 13, 2017

Save the Date: PG&E Hosts 14th Annual Water Conservation Showcase

By Ari Vanrenen

This time last year, California was experiencing the worst drought the state has seen in years.

PG&E's Water Conservation Showcase includes vendors highlighting water conservation innovations. (Currents Archive Photo.)

Despite an abundant amount of rain so far this year, it’s important for Californians to remember that water is still a limited resource. Building development is one area that can heavily impact water.

On March 21, leading experts will present on the most pressing water issues and challenges related to building in the state at PG&E’s 14th annual Water Conservation Showcase.

Hosted at the Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco (851 Howard St.), this free event is organized through collaboration with local chapters of the U.S. Green Building Council and American Institute of Architects as well as the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and East Bay Municipal Utility District.

A variety of topics will be discussed including long-term water efficiency, strategies for eliminating water waste, the water-energy nexus, and more, from a range of institutions including the California Department of Water Resources, California Energy Commission, and the University of California.

Sessions include talks on landscape irrigation, leak detection techniques and water reduction use at University of California campuses.

To attend, register at and to view the full agenda.

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