Posted on March 15, 2017

San Luis Obispo: PG&E Promotes Emergency Preparedness in all Forms

By Mónica Tell

SAN LUIS OBISPO – PG&E representatives provided information and emergency supplies to help organizations protect and recover vital, and often historical, documents in the event of a natural disaster during a recent Disaster Response Workshop.

The March 7 event was hosted by the History Center of San Luis Obispo County and included local participants such as Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, the local Archaeological Society, local historical societies and museums, state parks and the SLO Mission and County Library. The participants will receive emergency supply buckets that include personal protective equipment, water-proof bags an emergency preparedness plan and more — all purchased with PG&E funding.

Participants at a recent workshop in San Luis Obispo gather for a photo after learning about protecting vital documents during a natural disaster. (Photo by John Promani.)

Eva Ulz, executive director of the History Center of SLO, thanked PG&E for its support and said that the supplies the company provided are crucial to protecting historical documents so they will not be destroyed by fire, smoke or water.

“The partnership and funding from PG&E has helped increase the History Center’s platform with emergency response agencies, such as the Red Cross,” she said. “And it has helped us work toward preparing our staff and developing emergency response plans for historical documents that could otherwise be lost.”

Over the last decade, the History Center has been working with local groups to develop heritage preservation response networks and resources to protect historical documents for generations to come.

PG&E’s Mike Ginn, local manager of emergency planning, presented information on the company’s emergency response preparations including how PG&E partners with the county and local agencies to ensure its operations are always prepared.  He also shared how customers can sign up for phone or text message updates on local outages.

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