Posted on April 4, 2017

Oroville: PG&E Installing Transformer to Improve Electric Reliability

By Paul Moreno

OROVILLE — PG&E is working near the corner of Grant Avenue and Pine Street in Oroville to install an underground transformer that will enable faster power restoration to 626 nearby Oroville homes and businesses.

PG&E will install a new underground transformer at Grant Avenue and Pine Street in Oroville to improve reliability for hundreds of customers. (Photo by Paul Moreno.)

The new transformer will prevent a situation that would leave those customers without power for several hours until substation equipment could be repaired. Fortunately, such a failure has not occurred.

When the work is completed in June, PG&E will be able to utilize the new transformer to restore power by redirecting power from an adjacent circuit. The adjacent circuit carries 12,000 volts and the 626 customers are served by a 4,000-volt circuit. The new transformer will convert 12,000-volt power to 4,000-volt power, enabling crews to redirect power in case of damage on the 4,000-volt circuit.

“This project will also allow us to reduce outage times during planned outages for maintenance and repairs for those 626 of Oroville customers,” said Alton Thurston, PG&E’s North Valley electric distribution superintendent.

In 2016, PG&E delivered the second-best reliability in company history to its customers. The slight decline in year-over-year reliability from 2015 to 2016 can mostly be attributed to stormy El Niño weather in early 2016.

PG&E’s sizable investment in its electric infrastructure and its commitment to integrating innovative technology continues to pay dividends for its customers.

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