Posted on April 24, 2017

Glenn County: PG&E Upgrading Power Lines along Highway 45

By Paul Moreno

PG&E is upgrading poles and power lines along Highway 45 for more than two miles at Glenn to improve electric reliability and safety.

PG&E is upgrading more than two miles of power lines along Highway 45 in Glenn County to improve safety and electric reliability in the area.

Crews are installing 52 new poles and power lines that can carry more electricity. Crews will also install fuses on 10 tap lines, which will help reduce the number of customers affected by power outages by isolating the outage to the tap line. Tap lines are power lines that branch off the main powerline.

For crew and public safety, the work does involve occasional one-way traffic controls, particularly in areas of Highway 45 with narrow shoulders.

Work is occurring through the end of May both north and south of the Highway 162 intersection with Highway 45 at Glenn.

Nearly 200 customers in the area will benefit from improved electric reliability.

The new lines will also increase electric capacity in the area to accommodate future power demands, and will give crews more options to reroute power during an outage and restore power more quickly in some cases.

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