Posted on May 4, 2017

VIDEO: PG&E Employees Combat Sitting Disease by Getting Fit From Their Desks

By Angela Lombardi

When you think of hazardous jobs, you may think of firefighters, police officers or linemen. But many don’t think of employees who sit at a desk.

But sitting for prolonged periods of time is hazardous. Per the American Medical Association,  sitting at a desk for hours at a time has been linked to an increased risk of musculoskeletal injuries, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

That’s why PG&E launched Fit From Your Desk, an innovative program to help employees who have to sit for prolong periods of time.  Employees say they like the benefits of the Fit From Your Desk program — boosting activity levels both in and outside the office.

“We’re not technically at the gym pumping iron but it’s a nice small workout where you can move around and get more flexible,” said Nash Alohamady, a solar customer service representative in San Jose. “Now I feel more energized. I can do more things because I’ve actually been following the program.”

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