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Posted on June 5, 2017

Monterey: PG&E, City Plant Trees Enhancing Safety

By Mayra Tostado

MONTEREY— Downtown Monterey was a little busier than usual on Thursday (June 1) when a large crane made its way through city streets to Simoneau Plaza where a cedar tree was given a new home.

Curious residents and city officials, including councilmembers Timothy Barrett and Dan Albert Jr., watched closely as the last of 150 trees donated by PG&E was planted in Monterey as part of PG&E’s Community Pipeline Safety Initiative.

A crane transports a cedar tree donated by PG&E to its new home at Simoneau Plaza. (Photo courtesy city of Monterey.)

“PG&E’s top priority is the safety of our customers and the communities we serve,” said Rob Morse, senior manager of PG&E’s Central Coast Division. “As part of our commitment to safety, we have completed important work to ensure the areas above and around PG&E’s gas transmission pipelines are safely accessible in the event of an emergency or for critical maintenance work.”

On city property, PG&E replaced 49 trees at a safe distance from transmission pipelines and donated more than 100 additional trees to enhance public safety and maintain a healthy urban forest.

“This is a wonderful project and it was perfectly executed,” said Hans Uslar, Monterey assistant city manager.

“The collaboration between PG&E and the City of Monterey was exemplary. We came together very fast to an understanding of how we can accomplish this important work in a very harmonious way and at the end of the project, Monterey will be safer,” said Uslar.

PG&E gas experts collaborated to identify tree placements that are not only safe, but will also provide aesthetic and environmental value in Monterey for many years to come.

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