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Posted on June 14, 2017

How to Keep your Air Conditioner Healthy as Summer Heats Up

By Ari Vanrenen

This week, temperatures are expected to heat up to 100 degrees or more in many parts of California including Sacramento, Bakersfield and Fresno. Thus begins what’s bound to be a hot summer.

A healthy air conditioning system running smoothly can reduce your home’s electricity usage and costs.

Did you know that PG&E can help you stay cool this summer? In a typical home, heating and cooling accounts for more than 31 percent of the monthly energy bill. During the hot summer months, a healthy air conditioning system running smoothly can reduce your home’s electricity usage and costs.

Here are quick tips for how PG&E can help you and other customers keep your AC healthy for a cooler summer (inside) and your energy waste lower.

Take advantage of PG&E’s AC Quality Care Program

Routine maintenance helps your AC system perform better, decreases costs and reduces the chances of it breaking down when you need it most. Also, routine AC system maintenance can reduce your energy costs by up to $320 a year.

For the AC Quality Care Program, PG&E partners with certified contractors trained in national industry maintenance standards. By participating in the program and working with these contractors, residential customers can receive rebates of up to $475 to help pay for work done by these AC Quality Care certified contractors.

How does it work? First, find a certified contractor who will:

  • Visit your home to test your system and explain what you can expect from the program
  • Assess your air conditioning system for safety, performance and any needed repairs
  • Provide detailed recommendations, along with information about available rebates

If you decide that you want the contractor to perform work, they will complete the desired work then help you apply for PG&E rebates to cover some of your costs.

To learn more, visit the PG&E website.

Participate in PG&E’s SmartAC program

It’s simple. Get $50, a free air conditioner checkup and help the energy grid in the summer.

Customers who sign up for the SmartAC program receive a $50 incentive and a free AC checkup just for participating in this easy and automated program that helps prevent power interruptions during high-usage times like the hottest summer days.

When you enroll in the PG&E SmartAC program, PG&E installs a free SmartAC device on your AC. In the case of an energy shortage from May 1-Oct. 31, PG&E automatically sends a signal to your SmartAC device directing your air conditioner to run at a lower capacity. While customers can easily return to their normal settings if necessary, most participants do not notice any changes in their air conditioning.

When they enroll, customers receive a free AC Check Up and maintenance resources from a SmartAC technician to make sure equipment is running smoothly to avoid wasting energy.

Get tips for how to ensure you’re installing a high-quality AC

A quality installation of high-efficiency equipment can lower your energy bills, increase comfort in your home, and extend the useful life of your equipment – whether you’re installing new central AC equipment or replacing existing heating and cooling equipment.

Learn more about what a high-quality AC looks like, examples of energy-efficient models and how you can ensure your new system will be energy efficient at home.

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