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Posted on June 20, 2017

Yuba County: PG&E, Wheatland Little League Partner on Ball Park Improvements

By Jeff Smith

As another season of spring baseball wrapped up, the Wheatland Little League held a closing ceremony earlier this month to celebrate the season and new improvements to its home ballpark.

New bleachers, shade structures, dugouts and netting were recently installed at Tom Abe Field as part of PG&E gas safety efforts in the Wheatland community. PG&E also worked with the city of Wheatland and its little league to plant new trees near the outfield.

PG&E partnered with the city of Wheatland and its little league to revamp Tom Abe Field. (Photo credit by Analisa Zanetta.)

“The work done at Tom Abe Memorial Field is more than we imagined and could have hoped for,” said Alisha Parker, Wheatland Little League president. “Thank you PG&E for providing our community with more than our league could have ever done, for caring about the children’s safety and making them proud of their park.”

PG&E’s Community Pipeline Safety Initiative is focused on working with customers and communities to improve first responder safety access to natural gas transmission pipelines. When items like trees, sheds and other structures are located too close to the pipeline, they can delay safety crews from accessing the pipeline in an emergency, when every second counts. That is why PG&E worked with the city and its little league to ensure these items are located at a safe distance and restore the area.

“PG&E was pleased to partner with the Wheatland Little League and the city of Wheatland on this important gas safety work,” said John Costa, PG&E local public affairs representative. “We hope the community enjoys the ball park improvements for many years to come.”

To learn more about PG&E’s gas safety programs click here.

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