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Posted on June 29, 2017

Employee Champion Awards Celebrate the Best of PG&E

By David Kligman

SAN FRANCISCO — In Marin County, a PG&E meter reader came to the aid of a motorcyclist who hit a guardrail, ejecting him face first into a fast-running creek.

A gas general construction team improved the way regulator stations are built, saving money and dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete each project.

Brian Maglaya, who came to the aid of a crashed motorcylist, shows off his Britton Award. (Photos by Stuart Brinin.)

A power generation team began organizing safety “rodeos” to help improve employees’ safe-driving skills and ensure vehicles are properly maintained, reducing motor vehicle incidents.

The employees are among more than 100 individuals recognized Wednesday (June 28) with PG&E’s top employee awards.

PG&E Corporation CEO and President Geisha Williams and PG&E President and Chief Operating Officer Nick Stavropoulos presented awards to employees in six categories to recognize their work benefiting customers, PG&E and the communities they serve:

Williams said the winners are shining examples of PG&E’s values and culture.

Before the ceremony, Geisha Williams and Nick Stavropoulos posed for photos with every winner, including President's Diversity Champion Award winners Vincent Davis, Jeremy Laurin and Dionne Adams.

“They’ve made a real impact, whether it’s for our customers, our company, our environment or our communities,” she said. “They’ve really stepped up, and we’re tremendously grateful for their passion and commitment.”

Colleagues, family and friends cheered as the award winners were announced and accepted trophies in PG&E’s San Francisco General Office auditorium.

Among the winners was a gas general construction team that improved the installation of distribution regulator stations. The streamlined work dramatically lowered the cost of building a typical regulator station while completing each project 47 percent faster.

“Essentially, we can now build many more regulator stations in the course of the year then we could before — and perform the work safer,” Stavropoulos said.

Safety was a big theme at the awards, including a power generation team that organizes driver-safety events throughout the PG&E service area.

The team checks for required safety equipment, proper vehicle weights and tire pressure. The goal is to improve overall driving performance and reduce motor vehicle incidents.

The awards were a family-friendly event (pictured: Britton Award winner Justin Purdy with his wife Dawn and his children Gavin and Gifford).

“I’m honored,” said Butte County senior hydro clerk Leisa Hardin who accepted a Sibley award on behalf of her team.

Of her team’s impact, she said, “Knowledge is power. The more knowledge we can give employees, the safer they’ll be.”

Also honored were three employees who won the President’s Diversity Champion Award. Among them is Jeremy Laurin, the president of the PrideNetwork, PG&E’s employee resource group for LGBT employees. Since getting involved in the group in 2012, membership has increased to more than 1,000 members.

He said his goal is to champion employees so that they feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work.

“Hopefully, I’m helping to tackle those barriers and the make the world a safer place,” said Laurin, a San Ramon-based senior environmental scientist.

The final awards were presented to employees who performed life-saving feats. In March, San Rafael-based meter reader Brian Maglaya was driving in Marin County when he saw a motorcyclist skid into a guardrail, causing the rider to flip over and tumble down an embankment.

Maglaya pulled over and spotted the motorcyclist face down in a rapidly flowing creek. He slid down the embankment, turned the man over and provided comfort until first responders arrived.

“It’s humbling,” said Maglaya, whose wife and 6-month-old son attended the ceremony. “I didn’t do it for any kind of recognition. This guy just needed my help. I tell my kids that’s somebody’s dad, brother or husband. If you see someone in need, do the right thing.”

The awards continue a tradition that began 90 years ago with the first John A. Britton Award.

In addition to their awards, recipients of the Sibley, Clarke, Mielke and President’s Diversity Champion awards receive $5,000 each to present to the nonprofit of their choice. The three finalists for those awards receive $1,000 each to donate.

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