Posted on July 19, 2017

Butte County: Trailhead, Trails Near Oroville Dam to Close for PG&E Transmission Tower Work

By Paul Moreno

OROVILLE — The Lakeland Boulevard Trailhead area, including the parking lot and nearby trails, will be closed for public safety from July 24-28 while PG&E uses the area to unload electric transmission towers being disassembled near the Oroville Dam.

The closure means the public will not have access to any sections of the Dan Beebe Trail and the Brad Freeman Trail around any part of the Thermalito Diversion Pool.

PG&E will be using helicopters to dismantle electric transmission towers near the Oroville Dam, similar to work shown here in February. (Photo by Paul Moreno.)

“We appreciate California State Parks and the Department of Water Resources to allow us to temporarily utilize this space and the public’s patience for any inconvenience. This site allows us to work safely by minimizing travel distances of helicopters ferrying tower portions,” said Carl Schoenhofer, senior manager of PG&E’s North Valley Division.

PG&E will be using a helicopter to ferry sections of transmission towers from near the dam to the trailhead parking lot at 120 Lakeland Blvd. where they will be dismantled and trucked away. Helicopters will not land or take off from this site, only unload tower sections.

Now that PG&E has established a permanent transmission corridor away from the dam’s emergency spillway, six more transmission towers are being removed.

On Feb. 10, the day before the emergency spillway was first used, PG&E de-energized and removed power lines from three transmission towers that were in or near the emergency spillway’s discharge path. This was done to prevent any towers compromised by spillway flows from pulling on adjacent towers. The towers directly in the path of the emergency spillway were not impacted by spillway flows and were removed after the evacuation order was downgraded.

PG&E then built a “shoo-fly,” or temporary re-routing of the power lines, by installing steel poles west of the old power lines and returned the transmission line to service.  In June, PG&E finished building the permanent transmission line corridor with new steel towers.

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