Posted on August 9, 2017

PG&E’s 2017 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report Shares Progress on Safety, Clean Energy, Other Goals

By Matt Heitner

SAN FRANCISCO PG&E has released its 2017 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report, which outlines the company’s progress on strengthening public and workforce safety, addressing climate change, better serving customers and investing in local communities, among many other areas.

“With a sustainable energy future as our North Star, we will meet the challenge of climate change while providing affordable energy for all customers,” said Geisha Williams, CEO and president of PG&E Corporation. “That’s PG&E’s long-term vision and it recognizes that sustainability ― broadly defined ― is essential to our future. Achieving a sustainable energy future means addressing climate change, but it also means providing the safe, reliable and affordable service our customers expect and deserve, both today and for decades to come.”

Using statistics, stories and videos, the comprehensive online report brings PG&E’s sustainability commitment to life. Particularly notable is a series of videos covering how PG&E is working together to build greater climate resilience, embed sustainability into business operations, partner on emergency preparedness and unlock the energy grid of the future.

The report details PG&E's accomplishments in 2016, which include achieving the second-best year for electrical reliability in the company's history.

“PG&E’s role in the energy economy, and the scale at which we work, means that we have a unique ability to make a difference,” said Melissa Lavinson, PG&E’s chief sustainability officer and vice president of federal affairs and policy. “Our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report shares the progress we’re making as we work to create a cleaner, safer and more vibrant future for our customers, communities, employees and the planet.”

The report details the accomplishments PG&E achieved in 2016, notably:

PG&E continues to benefit from a Sustainability Advisory Council comprised of a diverse group of experienced leaders representing environmental and sustainability groups, community organizations, academia and policymakers.

“PG&E recognizes that partnerships will be essential to meeting the pressing environmental and energy challenges we face,” said Roland Hwang, director of the energy and transportation program at the Natural Resources Defense Council and a member of PG&E’s Sustainability Advisory Council. “From providing affordable access to clean energy to embracing the technologies sweeping the energy industry, it’s important that we get it right.”

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