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April 26, 2017

PG&E Calls for Proposals from Local Renewable Energy Developers for Clean Energy Program

PG&E has announced a call for proposals for renewable energy developers to build new projects for a clean energy program available to PG&E customers. The sites are for PG&E’s Regional Renewable Choice program, which will expand renewable energy access by enabling customers to work directly with developers of new renewable projects.

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April 25, 2017

PG&E Marketplace Launches One-Stop Shop for Energy-Efficient Products

PG&E Marketplace, an easy and user-friendly website for customers to find energy-saving appliances and consumer electronics, has been updated with a new user interface and design.

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April 24, 2017

On Earth Day, PG&E Employees Clean State Parks, Remember Fresno Shooting Victims

They came with gloves. They came with shovels. They came with wheelbarrows. The PG&E Blue Army assembled to take on the garbage, debris and weeds of 11 state parks on Earth Day. Employees at each location also held a moment of silence for three men killed in a shooting last week in Fresno, including PG&E’s Zackary Randalls.

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April 18, 2017

Revealing Hidden Skills: Interns with Developmental Disabilities Get Work Experience at PG&E

For four hours a day, five days a week, Connie is an intern with PG&E. She handles numerous administrative duties, including tracking communications and updating databases (she’s also proficient at PowerPoint). She’s one of four PG&E interns through a program that supports individuals with developmental disabilities to meet the challenges of adulthood while achieving personal goals and lifelong success.

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265x145 North Bay 811 balloon 2


 / April 24, 2017

PG&E 811 Outreach in North Bay Aims to Reduce Dig-Ins

With the onset of spring weather comes more outdoor digging and construction and PG&E is working to ensure that workers and customers understand the importance of calling 811 before digging....
598x270 Odest Logan


 / April 17, 2017

Oakland: PG&E Retiree Honored for Teaching African-American Children the ‘Cowboy Code’

When Odest Logan retired after 37 years working on the gas side with PG&E, he truly rode off into the sunset — but that wasn’t the last we’d hear of him. These days he's helping a new generation of African-American children in the East Bay...
598x270 distracted driving education 2


 / April 11, 2017

One Text Could Wreck it All: Bakersfield Teens Get Straight Talk on Distracted Driving

Driving is the first taste of freedom for many teenagers. But with freedom comes responsibility. Last week (April 4), the CHP teamed with Bakersfield police and PG&E at Mira Monte High School to urge teens to eliminate distractions behind the wheel....
598x270 gas safety drone demo 1


 / April 4, 2017

VIDEO: From Outer Space to Planet Earth, PG&E Tests Drone Technology to Improve Gas Safety

It came from outer space — to bring safety to your street. PG&E recently hosted a demonstration of new drone technology at its training facility in Livermore. In this video, a group of engineers test a methane gas sensor first developed to look for life...
Day laborers and farmworkers learned about the importance of calling 811 before beginning any digging project during a workshop in Berkeley.


 / March 28, 2017

Berkeley: Day Laborers, Farmworkers Learn Importance of Calling 811 Prior to Digging

A workshop in Berkeley this week helped educate day laborers and farmworkers about the importance of the free Call Before You Dig program and stressed the potential dangers of not taking the time to make the 811 call....
598x270 renewables


 / March 16, 2017

Nearly 70 Percent of PG&E’s Electric Power Mix Free of Greenhouse Gases

Nearly 70 percent of the electricity PG&E delivered to its customers in 2016 came from greenhouse gas-free resources. Says PG&E's Geisha Williams: "We embrace our role as a leader in renewable energy, and we are full speed ahead in reaching our next targets."...
598x270 reliability 2016


 / March 14, 2017

PG&E Delivered Second Best Reliability in History in 2016, Despite Challenging Weather

In 2016, the average duration of power outages for a PG&E customer was 109 minutes. That was up slightly from 96 minutes in 2015, but still represented the second-lowest total in history and reflects a 35 percent improvement over the past decade. ...


 / March 10, 2017

PG&E, Business Leaders Discuss How to Get More Women to Run for Public Office

On International Women’s Day, PG&E joined other business leaders and women’s leadership organizations for a call to action: More women are needed in California politics....


 / March 9, 2017

Spring Forward with Savings



 / March 7, 2017

New Plug-In Electric Truck Keeps the Lights on During Outages

Providing safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy is the commitment that PG&E makes to its customers every day. PG&E, in partnership with Efficient Drivetrains Incorporated (EDI), recently unveiled a new exportable power truck that will help the utility meet all of those goals....
598x270 SF Chamber of Commerce: Geisha Williams 5168


 / March 1, 2017

Day of Firsts: Geisha Williams Becomes PG&E CEO

Calling it a humbling and exciting moment, Geisha Williams began her tenure as the top executive at PG&E Corporation, a milestone moment for the venerable energy company....

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