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 April 24, 2017

On Earth Day, PG&E Employees Clean State Parks, Remember Fresno Shooting Victims

They came with gloves. They came with shovels. They came with wheelbarrows. The PG&E Blue Army assembled to take on the garbage, debris and weeds of 11 state parks on Earth Day. Employees at each location also held a moment of silence for three men killed in a shooting last week in Fresno, including PG&E’s Zackary Randalls.

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Bay Area /  April 24, 2017

PG&E 811 Outreach in North Bay Aims to Reduce Dig-Ins

With the onset of spring weather comes more outdoor digging and construction and PG&E is working to ensure that workers and customers understand the importance of calling 811 before digging.

Glenn County /  April 24, 2017

PG&E Upgrading Power Lines along Highway 45

PG&E is upgrading more than two miles of power lines along Highway 45 in Glenn County to improve safety and electric reliability in the area.

Bay Area /  April 18, 2017

Interns with Developmental Disabilities Get Work Experience at PG&E

For four hours a day, five days a week, Connie is an intern with PG&E. She handles numerous administrative duties, including tracking communications and updating databases (she’s also proficient at PowerPoint). She’s one of four PG&E interns through a program that supports individuals with developmental disabilities to meet the challenges of adulthood while achieving personal goals and lifelong success.

598x270 Odest Logan
Bay Area /  April 17, 2017

PG&E Retiree Honored for Teaching African-American Children the ‘Cowboy Code’

When Odest Logan retired after 37 years working on the gas side with PG&E, he truly rode off into the sunset — but that wasn’t the last we’d hear of him. These days he’s helping a new generation of African-American children in the East Bay by introducing them to the love of horses and the “Cowboy Code.”

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Bakersfield /  April 11, 2017

Bakersfield Teens Get Straight Talk on Distracted Driving

Driving is the first taste of freedom for many teenagers. But with freedom comes responsibility. Last week (April 4), the CHP teamed with Bakersfield police and PG&E at Mira Monte High School to urge teens to eliminate distractions behind the wheel.

Bay Area /  April 6, 2017

PG&E and California Cities Surpass Energy-Saving Goals for Step Up and Power Down Initiative

Five cities participating in Step Up and Power Down surpassed their energy-saving goals. As this video shows, the initiative was built on the premise that small action can add up to a big impact for California’s sustainable future.

Oroville /  April 4, 2017

PG&E Installing Transformer to Improve Electric Reliability

PG&E is working near the corner of Grant Avenue and Pine Street in Oroville to install an underground transformer that will enable faster power restoration to 626 nearby Oroville homes and businesses.

598x270 Wise Powerhouse 100 years
Auburn /  April 3, 2017

PG&E’s Wise Powerhouse Marks 100 Years of Operation

PG&E’s Wise Powerhouse began operating March 4, 1917 and shows no signs of slowing down after 100 years. Equipped with a Francis-type turbine built by the Pelton Water Wheel Company of San Francisco, the powerhouse is capable of generating 14 megawatts and passing 393 cubic feet of water per second.

Day laborers and farmworkers learned about the importance of calling 811 before beginning any digging project during a workshop in Berkeley.
Bay Area /  March 28, 2017

Day Laborers, Farmworkers Learn Importance of Calling 811 Prior to Digging

A workshop in Berkeley this week helped educate day laborers and farmworkers about the importance of the free Call Before You Dig program and stressed the potential dangers of not taking the time to make the 811 call.

598x270 Fresno CARE 1
Fresno /  March 28, 2017

PG&E Joins Mexican Consulate for Financial Literacy Week

Customer service representatives from PG&E took part in Financial Literacy Week at the office of the Consulate of Mexico in Fresno where they talked to Spanish-speaking customers about how to save money and energy. Earlier in the week, company representatives were at the Consulate of Mexico in San Jose.

Central Coast /  March 27, 2017

New Website for Public Showcases PG&E Hiking Trails that Offer Scenic Views of Central Coast

Members of the public interested in exploring the pristine PG&E lands surrounding Diablo Canyon Power Plant now have a new website for their use to learn about the property and make reservations.

Bay Area /  March 27, 2017

PG&E Donates $40,000 to Help San Jose Flood Victims

After hundreds of families’ homes flooded in the South Bay following a torrential storm in late February, PG&E employees stepped in to help them recover. Working with the City of San José and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, PG&E donated $20,000 to the relief fund set up for flood victims.

Central Coast /  March 15, 2017

PG&E Promotes Emergency Preparedness in all Forms

A recent workshop in San Luis Obispo gathered representatives from local museums and historical societies to learn about how to protect vital and historical documents in the event of a natural disaster.

Bay Area /  March 15, 2017

PG&E Gas Leak-Sensing Fleet Sweeps Area to Enhance Customer Safety

Novato residents may notice an increased presence of PG&E crews working in their neighborhoods this week as the utility continues its mission of becoming the safest and most reliable natural gas provider in the country.

Bakersfield /  March 13, 2017

PG&E Partners to Build New Solar Sites in Bakersfield

PG&E is partnering with local developers to build solar sites in Bakersfield and elsewhere to provide more clean energy as part of the company’s new Solar Choice program.

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