PG&E Commitment: Latest Updates on Wildfire Response and Recovery Effort

PG&E Perspectives

Northern California Wildfires: Here Are the Facts

In the wake of the extraordinary, wind-driven wildfires in October, there has been a significant amount of speculation about a broad range of issues, including PG&E’s Electric Operations maintenance policies. Given the nature of these events, we think it’s critical that everyone has the facts.

Hurricane Lessons Relevant to Us in California

The world today feels like the plot of a Hollywood disaster movie. Yet scientists warn that the scenes like these are likely to be repeated as climate change intensifies the power of extreme events and the threats they pose. Preparing for that future will take planning.

Energy Executives Agree: Renew Cap and Trade

PG&E’s Geisha Williams, and two other energy company executives, are urging California’s Legislature to renew cap and trade. Set to disappear in 2020, they call it one of the state’s key programs for reducing emissions.

All Together Now: The Case for Teamwork in Tackling Our Energy Challenges

“We can’t do this alone” is a common refrain among those seeking to solve big problems. Addressing California’s energy and climate challenges is no different. Success will depend on engaging stakeholders, forging coalitions and enlisting partners.

Drawing a Roadmap for the Brave New World of Electric Power

PG&E’s Steve Malnight recently served on a panel at the Renewables Rush Conference in San Francisco where California’s fast-changing energy economy was discussed.

Building a Better Electric Grid, for a Better California

In a new opinion column, CEO Geisha Williams explains that to unleash the full potential of the electric grid, PG&E and other companies need to continue making significant investments.

Innovating Through Partnerships for a Clean Energy Future

PG&E’s Geisha Williams describes how the energy company is partnering with others to develop innovations and test ideas that will help enable a low-carbon economy, while providing the greatest value for customers.

Art Rosenfeld, Remembering a Pioneer

PG&E’s Chief Sustainability Officer Melissa Lavinson remembers Art Rosenfeld, who had a pioneering career in which he would become known as the godfather of energy efficiency. Rosenfeld died Jan. 27.

California’s Big Bright Renewable Future

Renewable energy is on the rise across America, and California is leading the way. In the latest opinion column on the state’s clean energy future, PG&E’s Geisha Williams explains how renewable energy is now a way of life in California and that PG&E is committed to ensuring that all customers have access to its benefits.

Facing California’s Climate Future, from a Forgotten Past

Picture a California pounded by never-ending rains of biblical strength. As PG&E Chairman and CEO Tony Earley writes, that happened in 1861-62. And the story from 154 years ago provides lessons for coping with climate change.

Partnering to Build Climate Resilience

As we head into the final month of the year, a look back at 2016 confirms familiar and troubling trends: a warming planet, more extreme weather events and rising sea levels.

A Message to Our Customers

This is the fifth in a series of opinion columns on California’s clean energy future. In this installment, Geisha Williams, who will become PG&E’s CEO in March, explains that PG&E will stay the course in its commitments to reduce carbon emissions and minimize the effects of climate change.

A Jump-start for Clean Transportation

Hordes of new electric vehicle owners will quickly find themselves asking a question today’s drivers have come to dread: Where can I plug in? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. Across most of Northern and Central California, where EV adoption dramatically outpaces the rest of the nation, the network of public charging stations lags far behind.

Providing Veterans with a Powerful Path to a Promising Career

When heavy equipment operator Erick Varela answered his country’s call to serve with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq, he had ample reason to think he was risking his life – but not his career.

Building a Bridge to California’s Energy Future

The second in a series of editorials on California’s clean energy future featured PG&E President Geisha Williams discussing the joint proposal on the Diablo Canyon Power Plant and how we’re working with others to change the energy landscape.

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