NEXT100 provides an in-depth look at the intersection of the clean energy business and the environment. It focuses on trends in green technology, policy and the Earth’s climate that will most impact the energy industry and our customers over the next 100 years–PG&E’s second century in operation.

NEXT100 is written and edited by Jonathan Marshall, with contributions from colleagues at PG&E. Postings on NEXT100 represent the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of PG&E.

PG&E’s Green-Energy Seed Grant Grows in Marin

A $20,000 seed grant from PG&E to the City of San Rafael in 2008 has grown into a successful joint public-private program that’s turning food waste into renewable energy.

White House Credits PG&E for Helping Industry Address Methane Emissions

A much-anticipated new White House strategy paper on curbing methane emissions—a key driver of climate change—credits PG&E with being one of a handful of gas utilities nationwide that are “collaborating to address key technical and regulatory factors affecting methane emission reduction opportunities from natural gas distribution systems.”

Energy Efficiency: Still the Best Value

In 2013, California budgeted 250 percent as much as the next biggest spender, New York, for customer-funded electric energy efficiency programs. That fact plus others, writes Jonathan Marshall in his NEXT100 blog, shows the importance and the value of efficiency in the state.

Why We Need to Deal with the Thirst of Power

As Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, a new report shows that one-seventh of the world’s total water goes to the production of energy. It’s an important issue and will become more so going forward.

Clean-Tech Fortune Telling

In this NEXT100 blog, Jonathan Marshall looks at a 2008 clean-technology forecast to show that forecasts don’t always foretell the future.

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