NEXT100 provides an in-depth look at the intersection of the clean energy business and the environment. It focuses on trends in green technology, policy and the Earth’s climate that will most impact the energy industry and our customers over the next 100 years–PG&E’s second century in operation.

NEXT100 is written and edited by Jonathan Marshall, with contributions from colleagues at PG&E. Postings on NEXT100 represent the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of PG&E.

Why We Need to Deal with the Thirst of Power

As Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, a new report shows that one-seventh of the world’s total water goes to the production of energy. It’s an important issue and will become more so going forward.

Clean-Tech Fortune Telling

In this NEXT100 blog, Jonathan Marshall looks at a 2008 clean-technology forecast to show that forecasts don’t always foretell the future.

Renewable Transportation: Powered by Humans

Americans took more trips on public transportation last year than any time in the last 57 years. That’s good news, says Jonathan Marshall in his NEXT100 blog.

Geothermal Part 2: Critical Materials from Hot Brine

One major source of geothermal energy—for uses such as electricity generation, industrial process heating, greenhouses and fisheries—is hot brine.And, as Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, that brine can provide lithium, which is used to batteries.

Geothermal Part 1: Time to Tap California’s Potential?

Citing a new report, Jonathan Marshall writes that one of California’s oldest sources of renewable energy — geothermal — may be ripe for expansion to meet the state’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals

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