Tim Fitzpatrick is PG&E’s chief communications officer and the vice president of Corporate Relations.

In PG&E Perspectives, Fitzpatrick will offer his thoughts on the issues affecting our customers, the company and the energy industry. His focus will be on PG&E’s commitment to safe, reliable and affordable energy and on the innovation and the people who are working toward that goal.

Hurricane Lessons Relevant to Us in California

The world today feels like the plot of a Hollywood disaster movie. Yet scientists warn that the scenes like these are likely to be repeated as climate change intensifies the power of extreme events and the threats they pose. Preparing for that future will take planning.

Energy Executives Agree: Renew Cap and Trade

PG&E’s Geisha Williams, and two other energy company executives, are urging California’s Legislature to renew cap and trade. Set to disappear in 2020, they call it one of the state’s key programs for reducing emissions.

All Together Now: The Case for Teamwork in Tackling Our Energy Challenges

“We can’t do this alone” is a common refrain among those seeking to solve big problems. Addressing California’s energy and climate challenges is no different. Success will depend on engaging stakeholders, forging coalitions and enlisting partners.

Drawing a Roadmap for the Brave New World of Electric Power

PG&E’s Steve Malnight recently served on a panel at the Renewables Rush Conference in San Francisco where California’s fast-changing energy economy was discussed.

Building a Better Electric Grid, for a Better California

In a new opinion column, CEO Geisha Williams explains that to unleash the full potential of the electric grid, PG&E and other companies need to continue making significant investments.

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