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PG&E’s primary focus is on improving the safety of its gas operations. Currents has covered PG&E’s progress since the website was launched in early 2011.

265x145 gas operations: Real-time Active Pipeline Integrity Detection (RAPID) sensor system
July 14, 2014

PG&E Testing New Monitoring Technology for Gas Pipelines

New technology helps remotely monitor the structural health of pipelines using ultrasonic waves to provide advance warning of changes.

May 27, 2014

VIDEO: PG&E Receives Milestone Recognition for Transforming Safety Culture of its Gas Operations

PG&E was recognized today for earning two difficult-to-achieve international certifications, the result of the company’s commitment to transforming its gas operations and building a strong safety culture. PG&E “has made the most progress in the last two years of any business I’ve worked in,” said a representative from Lloyd’s Register, which issued the certifications.

598x270 3d toolbox 1
May 20, 2014

VIDEO: PG&E Using New Tool to Check Outside of Pipelines for Dents, Corrosion

PG&E is working with a new, cutting-edge technology that will look for corrosion or dents on the outside of gas pipelines. As this video story shows, the 3D Toolbox is as easy to use as a digital camera.

May 14, 2014

PG&E Upgrading Gas Pipes in Davis, Improving Safety and Reliability

PG&E expects to complete work on a natural gas pipeline replacement project in June, modernizing the system and increasing service reliability in Davis.

Picarro SuperCrew 598
May 2, 2014

VIDEO: Innovative Gas Leak Detection Technology Combined with Super Crews Result in Improved Safety, Efficiency

A PG&E pilot project capitalizes on an innovative leak-detection tool and mobilizes large numbers of PG&E gas workers concentrating on repairs in a specific area. As this video shows, the pilot project has been a success.

April 25, 2014

Chico: PG&E Installing New Gas Pipeline to Improve Service Capacity, Reliability

PG&E will begin work next week to install a new natural gas line along The Esplanade between Independence Circle and West Shasta Avenue in Chico. Work will continue through mid-June.

598x270 Aerial gas pipeline survey: David Wood
April 24, 2014

PG&E’s Eye in the Sky: Former Navy Flight Officer Leads Helicopter Patrol Team

At Concord’s Buchanan Airport, David Wood and a flight crew inspect their gear and review their plan before taking off in a Bell Long Ranger helicopter. Their mission: Protect natural gas transmission pipelines in the Central Valley.

April 14, 2014

San Jose: Open House to Answer Questions about Pipeline Replacement

PG&E will host an open house on Thursday (April 17) in San Jose to talk to residents about a distribution pipeline replacement project that begins this week.

598x270 811 Home Depot event
April 9, 2014

PG&E Hosts Safety Events This Month Focused on Safe Digging

April is National Safe Digging Month, and PG&E will be hosting booths at Home Depot stores in San Jose, Emeryville and Modest to remind customers about the importance of calling 8-1-1 before starting any digging project.

March 24, 2014

Yuba City & Salinas: Open Houses to Answer Questions about Hydrostatic Testing

PG&E will host open houses this week in Yuba City and Salinas to talk to residents about upcoming hydrostatic pressure testing.

598x270 Common Ground Alliance: CPJ
March 12, 2014

PG&E’s Chris Johns Shares Safety Lessons with Digging Industries

Stopping homeowners and excavators from accidentally digging into natural gas pipelines is a major part of PG&E’s pipeline safety efforts, utility President Chris Johns said at a national excavation safety conference in Phoenix.

March 10, 2014

Mountain View: Open House to Answer Questions about Pipeline Replacement

PG&E will host an open house on Thursday (March 13) in Mountain View to talk to residents about an upcoming transmission pipeline replacement project.

598x270 Honeybee Robotics
March 7, 2014

PG&E, Others Developing Mini-Robot to Enhance Pipeline Inspections

PG&E has joined with others to develop a robot prototype that will enhance the companies’ ability to visually inspect natural gas pipelines for signs of corrosion, while minimizing lengthy constructions digs.

598x270 planter box training
March 5, 2014

Crews Use Planter Boxes to Create Innovative Gas-Leak Repair Training

Using 2x4s, sand and dirt, a group of PG&E gas workers, in coordination with the company’s Grassroots Safety Team, built planter boxes that allow them to practice pipe squeezing, an important safety technique during a gas leak. And learning how to do this in a simulated situation better prepares the workers when a real leak occurs.

598x270_smart_pig_Milpitas 8985
February 27, 2014

VIDEO: Using New Technology, PG&E Begins Inline Inspection of Peninsula Pipeline

Using a new tool created just for this purpose, PG&E has begun the inline inspection of a natural gas pipeline that extends up the San Francisco Peninsula. A so-called “smart pig,” the device was launched from the Milpitas Terminal this morning.

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