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Electric Vehicle Charging
February 18, 2014

How PG&E Met the Challenge of Electric Vehicles

As more pure electrics and plug-in hybrids hit the roads, PG&E has been paying close attention to the adequacy of local infrastructure in EV-friendly neighborhoods. Also, as Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, PG&E and other utilities have created special rate plans to incent owners to charge at night, when circuits have plenty of excess capacity.

598x270 Altec ePTO F-550 trouble truck
January 13, 2014

FleetOwner Magazine Tabs PG&E as Top Vocational Fleet

PG&E has been ranked as the top vocational fleet in the United States by FleetOwner Magazine’s 12th Annual Fleet of the Year Awards for demonstrating innovation and excellence in its fleet operations.

January 9, 2014

Clean Energy Poll: And the Winner is . . .

Americans are largely united behind renewable energy and clean transportation, according to a new national consumer survey by Navigant Research — especially solar and wind power, as Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog.

December 12, 2013

Electric Vehicles: More Affordable Than You Think

As Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, millions of American consumers are unaware of how affordable electric vehicles have become.

December 3, 2013

Micro-Hybrids Lower the Cost of Fuel Economy

More and more automakers and customers, as Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, are discovering the modest and affordable virtues of smaller batteries in vehicles known as micro-hybrids.

September 24, 2013

PG&E Adds Welcome as EV Week 2013 Comes to the Bay Area

EV Week is in full swing in San Francisco. Later this week, the chance to learn about and test-drive electric vehicles moved to Palo Alto and San Jose. PG&E’s Greg Pruett and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee were among those who opened the three-city, five-day event.

598x270 EVI Stockton 2088
September 19, 2013

VIDEO: In Stockton, PG&E Reveals Utility Industry’s First Electric Hybrid Work Trucks

PG&E today showcased the utility industry’s first electric hybrid drivetrain Class 5 work trucks, which will offer fuel savings as well as exportable energy that can be used to power the grid during planned or unplanned outages. Built by Electric Vehicles International in Stockton, the trucks were designed and tested in partnership with PG&E and the California Energy Commission.

September 13, 2013

Key to Future of Electric Vehicles May Reside in Bay Area’s Lithium-Ion Gulch

A decade from now, the East Bay’s Hayward-Milpitas corridor may be known worldwide as Lithium-Ion Gulch. As Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, that stretch of business parks connected by I-880 is home to a growing number of battery technology startups that could help revolutionize the electric vehicle industry.

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July 23, 2013

At San Francisco Event, PG&E Shows It Has a Green Vehicle for Any Job

Bucket trucks. Service-body trucks. Pickups. Passenger cars. In San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza, PG&E displayed its range of green fleet vehicles as part of a plug-in electric vehicle conference. This green fleet roadshow demonstrated that if there’s a job to do at PG&E, the utility has a green vehicle to do that job.

July 18, 2013

Are Cheap Batteries Around the Corner for Electric Vehicles?

Battery prices for electric vehicles have fallen 30 percent over the last three years. That’s significant, as Jonathan Marshall notes in his NEXT100 blog, as batteries account for 20 to 40 percent of the cost of an EV.

598x270 Earley PEV 2
June 17, 2013

PG&E CEO Tony Earley Writes of Bright Future for EVs

PG&E’s alternative fuel fleet is the industry’s largest, and there’s no bigger advocate than Tony Earley. In an article he wrote for the new issue of Electric Perspectives, the PG&E Corporation CEO, chairman and president says large-scale transportation electrification may be America’s greatest opportunity to change its energy future.

June 13, 2013

Drivers: How to Fuel Up for Only $1.50 an ‘eGallon’

Driving an electric vehicle is like a trip back in time, writes Jonathan Marshall in his NEXT100 blog. That’s because the price of fuel — electricity — is comparable to what gasoline cost more than a decade ago.

598x270 Tony Earley at EEI
June 10, 2013

PG&E’s Tony Earley: Customers Will Benefit When Nation’s Electric Utilities Embrace Electrification of Vehicles

The nation’s electric utilities must embrace and promote the burgeoning electric-vehicle market – by putting the vehicles to use in their own fleets, by encouraging business customers who deliver packages or pizzas to go electric and by working with residential customers to make the move to electric vehicles more seamless.That was the consensus of panel that included PG&E’s Tony Earley as the Edison Electric Institute convention opened today in San Francisco.

598x270 Fleet Managers Conference
June 4, 2013

PG&E’S Greg Pruett: Utility Fleets Leading the Way Toward Vehicle Electrification

The nation’s utilities are leading the way toward a future with more electric vehicles that will result in a cleaner environment and better customer service, a PG&E leader said at a gathering of fleet managers. PG&E Senior Vice President Greg Pruett gave the keynote address as the 60th annual Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference that began here today.

265x145 2014 Chevrolet Spark
June 4, 2013

A (Lease) Offer from EV-Makers You Can’t Refuse

Faster than a speeding Tesla Model S, the cost of owning many electric vehicles (EVs) is plummeting thanks to exceptionally favorable new leasing terms. As Jonathan Marshall writes in his NEXT100 blog, that means thousands of customers soon might get to enjoy the experience of driving clean, quiet, and peppy cars that charge up at home for just a few dollars, without ever again waiting in line at the gas station.

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