PG&E Commitment: Latest Updates on Wildfire Response and Recovery Effort

Gateway Generating Station

Gateway Generating Station
May 30, 2017

Antioch Names PG&E Large Business of the Year

PG&E’s 530 megawatt natural gas power plant, the paragon for cleaner generation technology, safely and reliably provides electricity to a half million customers. Recently, the Antioch Chamber of Commerce said “thank you” in a big way — bestowing PG&E with its annual Large Business of the Year award.

Gateway Generating Station
June 3, 2014

Always Efficient, PG&E Power Plants Are Now Award-Winning, Too

The chemistry program at two PG&E power plants recently won a best-practices award. The program at the Colusa and Gateway plants helps the plants to run efficiently and more effectively integrate renewables into the grid.

January 7, 2013

Year in Review: PG&E Emphasizes Safety, Efficiency as it Generates Power

PG&E not only delivers energy used by millions of Californians but also supplies much of that power. Here is a compilation of some of the highlights from 2012 of the utility’s Energy Supply organization, which generates and procures for customers some of the cleanest electricity in the nation.

Gateway Generating Station
April 30, 2012

Natural Gas Generation: What the Doctor Ordered to Keep Renewables in Balance

By 2020, PG&E and other electric utilities must get a third of their electricity from eligible renewable sources—wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, or small hydro. That’s the toughest such mandate in the nation. So why support any more natural gas generation?

Gateway Generating Station
February 22, 2012

Major Power Plant Safety Milestone: 1,000 Days and Counting

The 600-megawatt Gateway Generating Station in Antioch has exceeded more than 1,000 days without a recordable injury or motor vehicle accident. Two other PG&E power plants have also achieved significant safety milestones.

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