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February 10, 2016

Oakland Lineman Marcus Jenkins Steps Up to Lead

Strong mentors helped PG&E lineman get to where he is today. And now he’s passing on his knowledge to a new generation of line workers. Stepping up and personal responsibility is important to Jenkins, featured in PG&E’s new TV ad campaign.

February 9, 2016

PG&E Donation Supports Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Efforts

A $50,000 donation from PG&E was presented to the American Red Cross during a recent Cal Poly San Luis Obispo men’s basketball game. The funding will help support emergency preparedness and education outreach along the Central Coast.

February 5, 2016

PG&E Provides Valuable Energy-Saving Tips at Super Bowl Rebuilding Together Event

PG&E provided residents with important ways to save energy and money at an event Friday (Feb. 5) where volunteers rebuilt six homes and restored a community shelter in the city’s Bayview neighborhood.

February 5, 2016

PG&E Prepares for World Ag Expo, Largest Farm Industry Gathering

For more than 30 years, PG&E has used the expo to connect with some of its 31,000 customers who operate farms or work in farm-related industries.

598x270  owl rescue 1
February 4, 2016

Gas Crew Rescues Fallen Baby Owl

Gas crew workers who found a baby owl fallen near their work site rescued the bird and worked with PG&E’s avian experts to return it to its nest. And they gave it a special name.

SuperBowl50_598x270 (
January 29, 2016

PG&E Doing Its Part to Prepare for Super Bowl 50

As the Golden State prepares to host the golden anniversary of one of the most anticipated sporting events all year, PG&E is doing its part to ensure that residents and visitors celebrating Super Bowl 50 in the Bay Area have access to safe, reliable and clean energy.

January 26, 2016

PG&E Employee Resource Group Scholarship Applications Due Feb. 1

As a Harvard University dean recently said, rising tuition is inevitable. More than reason enough for aspiring and current college students to apply for a PG&E Employee Resource Group scholarship.

January 26, 2016

Employees Recount How Collaboration Played Key Role in Response to Valley Fire

PG&E was recently recognized for its extraordinary restoration response during California’s devastating Valley Fire. The wildfire prompted one of the PG&E’s largest-ever restoration efforts, and part of what made it successful was the close collaboration between all the first responders.

January 25, 2016

PG&E Linemen Honored as American Red Cross Heroes

Stanislaus “Stosh” Wiecek and Jeff Wolford, both PG&E linemen, were honored as everyday heroes by the American Red Cross for tending to abandoned horses following the Valley Fire.

January 22, 2016

PG&E Employees in San Luis Obispo County Will Donate Over $730,000 to Community in 2016

Local PG&E employees, including those who work at Diablo Canyon Power Plant, will donate more than $730,000 to local nonprofits and schools in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties in 2016.

598x270 Diversity 2016 2
January 22, 2016

PG&E Leaders Stress Importance of Understanding Unconscious Bias

At a recent Martin Luther King Jr. Dialogue on Diversity meeting with company employees, PG&E leaders discussed the importance of recognizing unconscious bias in the workplace.

About 225 PG&E employees were working across challenging terrain to assess damage from the Valley Fire.
January 15, 2016

PG&E Recognized for Extraordinary Restoration Response During California Wildfire

The Edison Electric Institute awarded PG&E with its Emergency Response Award in recognition of the company’s efforts to restore power to customers following September’s Valley Fire in Lake County.

598x270 Trevor Fulks
January 11, 2016

Bakersfield Gas Employee Practices Safety on Land and at Sea

Whether he’s out with his gas crew in the desert near Topock or exploring the ocean floor off of Catalina Island, Trevor Fulks has a perspective that looks far beneath the surface. Fulks, who appears in one of PG&E’s local TV ads, displays an abudance of calm courage and confidence to forge the company’s newest foundations.

BassLakePineBeetleVeg_598x270 (
January 6, 2016

Amid Devastating Drought, PG&E Helping Ensure Safety in Forested Areas

Years of devastating drought have taken a heavy toll on the state’s forests. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Madera County community of Bass Lake where dead trees can cause power outages or become fuel for fires. As this video shows, PG&E is going to extraordinary lengths to protect the electrical infrastructure by removing the dead trees near power poles.

598x270 Cheryl Marcelli McClaine
January 4, 2016

Customer Relationship Manager Paying it Forward for Generations

Senior customer relationship manager Cheryl Marcelli McClaine has a long and cherished history in Fresno, serving PG&E’s customers and helping the community. Learn about her strong local connections and her drive to give back.

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