598x270 helicopter electric transmission line wash 3
August 11, 2014

PG&E Uses Helicopters to Wash Power Lines and Improve Reliability

PG&E uses specialized helicopters to wash its power lines. The washing keeps the lines free of dirt and other materials that can lead to power outages. And the helicopters can cover more power lines much more quickly than a line-washing truck.

598x270 GT&S pipeline replacement
August 6, 2014

PG&E’s Gas Transmission Modernization Plans Promise Boost to State’s Economy

PG&E’s gas transmission infrastructure plans over the next three years would support thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars in state and local tax revenue, and hundreds of millions of dollars in business sales if approved by state regulators, according to a new study.

August 1, 2014

Meet the Interns: Puerto Rico’s Adrian Figueroa Working Toward Electrical Engineering Career

Adrian Figueroa wasn’t sure what to expect when he traveled from Puerto Rico to California for an internship at PG&E. He was pleasantly surprised.

265x145 gas operations: Real-time Active Pipeline Integrity Detection (RAPID) sensor system
July 14, 2014

PG&E Testing New Monitoring Technology for Gas Pipelines

New technology helps remotely monitor the structural health of pipelines using ultrasonic waves to provide advance warning of changes.

Nipomo 598x270
July 9, 2014

PG&E-funded Central Coast New Tech High School Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders

Students at this innovative school in San Luis Obispo County are excited about the hands-on learning their school provides, as this video story shows. And school officials say none of it would have been possible without PG&E’s support.

July 2, 2014

Building a New Kind of Infrastructure for California

In PG&E Perspectives, Tim Fitzpatrick shows how PG&E is using technology to deliver safe, reliable and affordable service. As it has for its entire history, PG&E is integral to California’s growth and success, but now that infrastructure building is smarter and more digital, Fitzpatrick writes.

598x270 ATS San Ramon smart grid 1
June 13, 2014

Finding Faults: Team Tests New Technology That Will Improve Electric Reliability

PG&E customers are experiencing some of the most reliable electric service in company history. But how do you improve safety, reliability and customer satisfaction? In San Ramon, a small team is experimenting with technology that eventually will benefit millions of customers.

Ridgecrest 598
June 3, 2014

Pipeline Test in Mojave Desert Presents Unique Situation

PG&E conducted a pipeline pressure test in the Mojave Desert, including inside a military base, while keeping gas flowing to customers. This video tells that story.

Gateway Generating Station
June 3, 2014

Always Efficient, PG&E Power Plants Are Now Award-Winning, Too

The chemistry program at two PG&E power plants recently won a best-practices award. The program at the Colusa and Gateway plants helps the plants to run efficiently and more effectively integrate renewables into the grid.

598x270 3d toolbox 1
May 20, 2014

VIDEO: PG&E Using New Tool to Check Outside of Pipelines for Dents, Corrosion

PG&E is working with a new, cutting-edge technology that will look for corrosion or dents on the outside of gas pipelines. As this video story shows, the 3D Toolbox is as easy to use as a digital camera.

Picarro SuperCrew 598
May 2, 2014

VIDEO: Innovative Gas Leak Detection Technology Combined with Super Crews Result in Improved Safety, Efficiency

A PG&E pilot project capitalizes on an innovative leak-detection tool and mobilizes large numbers of PG&E gas workers concentrating on repairs in a specific area. As this video shows, the pilot project has been a success.

598x270 Karen Austin blog
April 28, 2014

Karen Austin on LinkedIn: Embracing the Career Curveball

Karen Austin, PG&E’s chief information officer and a senior vice president, is one of 500 thought leaders who share their insights each month as a LinkedIn Influencer. In her April column, she writes about dealing with career curveballs and how she went from a technology geek to a change leader.

April 15, 2014

Riding the Rails for Energy Storage

Energy storage continues to be a hot topic. According to Jonathan Marshall’s NEXT100 blog, a company is testing whether a train moving a heavy load up and down a hill could be a storage solution. PG&E continues look into various ways to store energy.

265x145  Bakersfield capacitor 1799
April 10, 2014

PG&E Electric Inspections Help Prepare for Hot Weather Demands

PG&E electric crews have been inspecting capacitor banks — more than 1,000 of them — in Kern County for the past several months in anticipation of increased demand during the hot days of summer. The components ensure the system operates at optimal effiiciency.

598x270 Picarro launch 1
March 31, 2014

White House Credits PG&E for Helping Industry Address Methane Emissions

A much-anticipated new White House strategy paper on curbing methane emissions—a key driver of climate change—credits PG&E with being one of a handful of gas utilities nationwide that are “collaborating to address key technical and regulatory factors affecting methane emission reduction opportunities from natural gas distribution systems.”

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