Posted on April 3, 2012

PG&E Testing Whole-House Water Systems in Hinkley

In Hinkley, PG&E understands the concerns that some local residents have regarding their drinking water. That’s why PG&E supplies bottled drinking water to any resident who lives within one mile of the boundary of the chromium-6 plume.

That’s also why PG&E has been testing whole-house water treatment systems for the past few months. These systems would treat water before it enters a household. Three systems are being tested using water from a well at the former Gorman property.

  • An ion-exchange system
  • A reverse osmosis system
  • A system that combines reverse osmosis and ion exchange.

Preliminary results of these tests are expected to be available soon. In this Currents video, PG&E engineer Bob Doss talks about the three systems.

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