598x270 Blythe solar
April 24, 2014

PG&E Participates in Desert Ceremony for Massive Solar Plant Generating Clean Energy

NextEra Energy Resources’ 250-megawatt Genesis Solar Energy Center in Riverside County will provide clean energy to be purchased by PG&E.

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598x270 Aerial gas pipeline survey: David Wood
April 24, 2014

PG&E’s Eye in the Sky: Former Navy Flight Officer Leads Helicopter Patrol Team

At Concord’s Buchanan Airport, David Wood and a flight crew inspect their gear and review their plan before taking off in a Bell Long Ranger helicopter. Their mission: Protect natural gas transmission pipelines in the Central Valley.

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598x270 Oakland lawn bowling 2
April 23, 2014

VIDEO: PG&E Volunteers Keep Oakland Lawn Bowling Club in the Green During Month of Service

At a park in Oakland, residents have enjoyed lawn bowling for more than 100 years at an environmentally friendly location that requires manual labor to maintain the grounds. Fortunately for the club, about 60 PG&E employees volunteered their time during the company’s annual Month of Service to dig weeds, garden and even paint walls.

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April 22, 2014

San Francisco: PG&E Honored by Baseball-Themed Nonprofit that Helps Children Read

PG&E President Chris Johns was honored at San Francisco RBI’s recent All-Star Dinner, where community leaders gathered to support the nonprofit’s integrated reading, baseball, softball and technology program.

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Santa Maria County: Bright Ideas Grant Fuels School’s Solar Car Races

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598x270 SF-Marin Food Bank  1


 / April 16, 2014

VIDEO: PG&E Volunteers Help Food Bank during Month of Service

PG&E volunteers recently gathered at the SF-Marin Food Bank as one of the many Month of Service community projects. As this video shows, their work helped to feed many hungry people....


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Riding the Rails for Energy Storage

265x145 2014 falcon 3


 / April 14, 2014

San Francisco: Falcons Eggs Hatch on Top of PG&E Headquarters

Falcons have been nesting atop PG&E's headquarters for more than a decade. Today, the eggs hatched....

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